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Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design book coverSustainable Design: The Science of Sustainability and Green Engineering by Daniel A. Vallero and Chris Brasier looks like a useful text. However, it is a very general introduction and mostly for chemical and physical engineering. Software Engineers will find it of less use.

1-10 of 13 pages with references to computer:

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1. on Page 8:
"... with a dramatic shift away from further synthesis and innovation. Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), although a relatively new technology, has resulted in dramatic improvements in efficiency but has remained anchored ..."
2. on Page 25:
"... steely fibers woven spider-style, shatterproof ceramics drawn from mother- of-pearl, cancer cures complements of chimpanzees, perennial grains inspired by tallgrass, computers that signal like cells, and a closed-loop economy that takes its lessons from redwoods, coral reefs, and oak-hickory forests. ,14 ..."
3. on Page 28:
"... both architect and engineer to conceive and deliver design solutions in a more integrated manner. Building information modeling (BIM) uses computer technology to create a virtual multidimensional models of a build- ing as an integrated part of the design process, ..."
4. on Page 29:
"... resentation to create three-dimensional space models as found in other recent Figure 1.9 Building information modeling uses computer ..."
5. on Page 46:
"... traditional stepwise design process and the integrated green design process? How may the criteria be applied using computer models (e.g. BIM)? 2. ..."
6. on Page 49:
"... Also devices such as computers and medical implants must dissipate heat without harming the patient. At the planetary scale, the greenhouse effect involves conversion of ..."
7. on Page 55:
"... First Principles 55 and personal computers. Harmon argues that biomimicry is a "Gestalt shift of humanity." Gestalt does not translate well from German, but reflects that ..."
8. on Page 158:
"... Bayer, "Perspectives on lifecycle process modeling," in Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design, M. F. Malone, J. A. Trainham, and B. Carnahan, Eds., AIChE Symposium Series 323, Vol. 96, 2000, pp. ..."
9. on Page 304:
"... 304 Sustainable Design facility, providing a solar power station rated at 162 watts, providing a low power 40 watt computer cluster composed of 2 Linux computers, furnishing the cluster with a digital library of 1500 books focused on appropriate technology, ..."
10. on Page 309:
"... BIM uses computer technology to create a virtual model of the design and is intended not only as a tool for documentation but ..."

11. on Page 318:
"... com/images/esd- turgo-cutaway.gif. Sidebar: Water Consumption sing The Internet is a good source for calculating water demand. For exam- ple, the Computer Support Group, Inc. (CSG) and the CSGNetwork. ..."
12. on Page 325:
"... g., white paper bins in dorms and computer labs adjacent to printers) was also recommended. Other aspects of the program's design included: • Letter to incoming freshman with ..."
13. from Index:
"... see Superfund) Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), 8 Consequentialism, 177-178 Couple, definition of, 60 Cousteau, Jacques, 221 Cradle to Cradle, 2 Cradle to ..."

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