Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Futuro House in Canberra

ninaribena left a comment on my post "Reducing ICT greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2020":
Hi Tom, completely off topic ... there is in fact a Futuro dome/pod structure located in Dickson. ...
Yes, more for relevant to my " Prefabricated homes as art", about the MOMA book "Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling". In this Barry Bergdoll and Peter Christensen document the history of prefabrication of homes, inlcuding the Futuro prefabricated house.

It happens that I used to live about 40 metres away from the example of the Futuro home in Canberra. It was part of the Canberra Planetarium and Observatory, which was run by the "Dickson Tradies" club as a community facility, but it closed in early February 2008.

After watching a large silver dome being constructed, with what appeared to be a spaceship next to it, I discovered the big silver dome was a planetarium and the small dome was used as part of the facility. I went to the opening of the planetarium in 1997 and wrote a web page about it, whioch the Shopping Sherpa linked (I guess that is how you found me).
Do you know of anyone with access to the interior of is,...
I guess I must have walked through the dome but don't recall seeing it from the inside. I suggest contacting the Dickson Tradies club to ask them about it. I suspect if you have a good community use for it, they would probably let you use it, or even have it, at a token fee.



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