Sunday, October 26, 2008

Centralized Mail Delivery

One low technology way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel use is "Centralized Mail Delivery". With this the mailboxes at individual homes are replaced with one central set of boxes. This way the postal vehicle just as to stop once to deliver the mail for all the homes. The arrangement is most common for apartments, where it is usual to have the mailboxes near the entrance. But it can also be applied to town houses and detached houses.
"... Centralized mail delivery: Neighborhood Delivery & Collection Box Units (NDCBU) are popular in home and office complex developments. USPS can help
plan centralized ..."
From: on Page 878, Architectural
Graphic Standards, Tenth Edition (Book only)
George Ramsey
, John
Ray, Jr. Hoke

Curiously, one new feature for homes this then creates are Package Delivery Vault without a letterbox. The idea here is that while the mail goes to the centralised mailbox, packages can be delivered to the home.



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