Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stapler with Security Cable Loop

Stapler with Security Cable LoopFound myself having a discussion with a group of highly trained ICT experts trying to work out how to secure a stapler to a desk. After such options as looping a chain around it, drilling holes and using screws (even replacing paper with e-documents), I typed "stapler security" into the web and found that what was needed was a "Stapler with Security Cable Loop". This makes me wonder why staplers and other office items are not made with a Kensington Security Slot.

Bizarre as it seems you can buy stick on Kensington Security Slots (officially called a Security Slot Adapter Kit) . This is a small pad with a slot in it and a tube of high strength glue. You glue the pad to the item to be secured and then attach a security cable to the standard slot. This is a bit like a hole kit from Acme Corporation. One catch is that the kit costs more than the average occice stapler you might secuere with it.

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