Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Learning e-learning

During the Green ICT Symposium today I demonstrated the ANU's new Wattle e-learning system. This uses Moodle and I was able to show courseware using Senator Lundy's Blackberry smartphone.

An odd little quirk I have discovered that the ANU's "Policy: Determination of Systems and Consultation on Assessment" requires the proposed assessment system for each course to be made available to prospective and enrolled students: "... both in hard copy and in electronic form". It seems a little odd if the student is enrolled in an online course, which they can do from the other side of the world, that the ANU insists on providing them a sheet of paper about the assessment. It would seem to make more sense to use the same electronic means as used to deliver the course.

There is no legal obligation to provide the material printed on paper (the High Court recognised that electronic documents are legal some years ago). So I have suggested the ANU Registrar have this deleted from the policy.

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