Sunday, August 23, 2009

Concrete prefabricated modules for bushfire homes

Concrete prefabricated modules for replacing homes destroyed by bushfire feature in Architecture Australia magazine (July August 2009). The article "Regrowth Pod" by David O'Brien discusses the reuse of the prefabricated house module designed by 1:1 Architecture "re-Growth Pod". The idea is that the technical services (water, power and drainage) for the house are provided in one concrete module which can be quickly installed and provided initial accommodation, with the rest of the house then being built around this.

While a good idea, the execution of the re-Growth Pod seems to have a few problems. The module is wider than a standard shipping container and therefore could not be transported easily. One wall of the pod is open and so it would not appear to be suitable for use as a bushfire or cyclone refuge. The outside of the module does not appear to have been designed for easy attachment of building components.

There is a web site, but it is so poorly designed it is difficult to access.

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