Thursday, October 08, 2009

Solar Power in Spain

Rebecca Dunn of the ANU Solar Thermal Group will talk about a recent visit to solar power stations in Spain, at the Australian National University, Engineering Building #32, Engineering lecture theatre, Canberra, 12 Noon, 14th October 2009:
  • Torresol Energy 17MWe power tower plant which includes 15 hours of molten salt storage (under construction).
  • Andasol 1, 2 and 3 plants, each 50MWe with parabolic trough concentrators and 7.5 hours of molten salt storage (Andasol 1 is operational, 2 is being commissioned, 3 is under construction).
  • Abengoa Solucar platform which includes PS10 (11MW) and PS20 (20MW) - the first commercial power towers operated.
  • Plataforma Solar de Almeria - a solar research facility for a range of different solar technologies.
  • Wolfgang Scheffler - inventor of the Scheffler dish, a fixed focal point dish used for solar cooking and power generation in India and Africa.
  • Julich Air Receiver power tower.

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