Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Academic papers and citations

One of the tertiary institutions I teach at is applying for accreditation, so I have to submit a CV. The CV template asks for a publication and citation counts. While I have written a couple of books and dozens of articles, I have never worried if these count for academic purposes. I am not a career academic (only an adjunct) and receive no payment for research publications. So I entered "nil" on the form.

That looked a bit poor, so I thought I should look to see if I had written some papers which counted or had been cited by some formal papers (given that thouadns of people read my web site each day I assume someone must mention it somewhere). A search of Google Scholar listed one of my books:

[BOOK] Green Technology Strategies: Using Computers and Telecommunications … [HTML]
T Worthington - 2009 -
This book is about how to reduce carbon emissions and achieve other environmental benefits
by using computers and telecommunications technology. It is designed to be used within an
online course for profes- sionals, using mentored and collaborative learning techniques. ...
There were also 24 citations of my web pages in schollarly web pages:
Unfortunately none of these appear to count for academic purposes.

Eventually someone suggested the "H-index" which lead me to a reference to "Web of Knowledge". A search of that shows one paper:
Source: AUSTRALIAN COMPUTER JOURNAL Volume: 27 Issue: 1 Pages: 16-16 Published: FEB 1995

Times Cited: 0

Presumably none of the other publications which cited me were formal papers and so do not count. But one paper is better than none.

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