Monday, March 15, 2010

mLearning plugin for Moodle

MLE-Moodle is a plug for Moodle to make it work on mobile phones. That is this extra open source software makes the Moodle Learning Management System into an m-Learning system. The standard release of Moodle seems reasonably compatible with smart phones. I have tried my Green Technology Strategies Course on both an Apple iPhone and a Google Android phone.

Obviously typing a 4,000 essay would be difficult on the tiny keyboards, but reading notes and entering into online discussions seems doable.

Assuming the course designer doesn't do anything silly with their content, such as put it up in the form of very large PDF documents, Moodle should work reasonably well with mobile devices. It will be interesting to see what MLE-Moodle ads to make Moodle more mobile friendly.

Has anyone tried MLE-Moodle?

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Blogger carlos said...

Hello Tom.
we tried MLE-moodle. Here are some examples of our MLE-moodle. It was quite difficult to reply at the forum.

We were not able to track the students (like moodle does). Did you have the same problem?

March 16, 2010 2:07 AM  

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