Sunday, April 11, 2010

Comfortable Safety Boots

Ascent Alpha WorkbootIn "A perfect fit, except for the boots" (Jewel Topsfield, The Age, 10 April 2010) cabinetmaker Jayme-Lee Cooney complains about finding well fitting work boots. Yesterday I tried on the Ascent Alpha. This is very comfortable and relatively light despite having a standards compliant safety toe cap. This has simialr technology to the Ascent Geelong I am wearing and have found very comfortable. I actually went into the store to try the Ascent Delta Safety Shoe. The store had no stock of the shoes in my size so I tried the boot, which is like the same sole and toe cap as the shoe. One appealing feature is that fibreglass is sued for the toecap and plastic for the reinforcing and other parts which are normally steel. Apart from being lighter this means the footwear does not set off airport metal detectors.

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