Monday, May 11, 2009

BCS follows ACS with Green IT Certification

The British Computer Society (BCS) has announced a "Foundation Certificate in Green IT " in conjunction with a commercial training company. The three-day course will cover regulations, legislation and policies, carbon energy accounting and how to create a green IT strategy. It also includes business benefit, end-to-end costing, emissions and energy efficiencies, procurement, lifecycle, and disposal planning, managing stakeholder relationships and behaviours. The course is followed by a one hour examination. There will be a three-month pilot in the UK, before international availability. This is the second such course announced by a national IT professional body. The pilot of the Australian Computer Society Green ICT Strategies course completed in May 2009, with the second cohort of students starting this week. The ACS course is already offered internationally, being a web based distance education course and is the equivalent of three weeks full time study. The Australian National University is offering a similar course "COMP7310: Green ICT Strategies" from July 2009.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Data Centre Energy Calculator Project

The British Computer Society (BCS) have announced work on an energy and cost simulation tool for data centres. This will use a mathematical model of energy use in data centres allowing changes to be simulated. The software will be Open Source and released in April 2009.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Green ICT at British Computer Society

Mike Bowern from the ACS Green ICT Group passed on a note about the BCS having a Green ICT group.
The British Computer Society established an Ethics Forum last year
(of which I am Manager) - and I thought you might be interested in
the types of things that we are involved in.

The following link goes straight to the Ethics Forum home page:

We have just this week started an Ethics Blog - the first one
on 'Green IT':

Further information on 'green computing' issues (including a summary
of the Ethics Forum work):

Dr. Penny Duquenoy, FRSA, MBCS.

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