Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Computing History Tours of Melbourne

The next Computing History Tours of Melbourne are: 1 May, 15 May and 18 July 2010. The tours take in:
  1. CSIRAC: Australia's first computer
  2. Melbourne's first Computer Room
  3. Melbourne's Babbage connection
  4. Site of Australia's first supercomputer
  5. Monash's first computer
  6. Former Melbourne Computer Centre near Albert Park.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Historical Tour of Computing in Melbourne

At the ACS Victorian Branch 2009 Conference someone mentioned there was an Historical Tour of Computing in Melbourne. Unfortunately I missed the tour as I was at the conference. The next one is Sunday 31 May 2009. The tours are run by Caulfield School of Information Technology (Monash University) and are free, apart from your tram ticket. Many of the sites on the tour are accessible without the tour and the tour guide web page provides a useful self-guide. The highlight of any such tour has to be CSIRAC at the Melbourne Museum, the fourth computer in the world and the best preserved.

The Tour:

  1. Monash Museum of Computing History
  2. Site of Albert Park Barracks and DSD
  3. Melbourne's Silicon Mile: St Kilda Road and Fitzroy Street
  4. Stanhill
  5. Melbourne Observatory: Melbourne's first computer room
  6. Victoria Barracks: Australia's first supercomputer
  7. St Paul's Cathedral: the Babbage connection
  8. National Mutual: Smalltalk-80's Australian debut
  9. ICI House
  10. Melbourne Museum: CSIRAC
  11. Physics Museum, University of Melbourne
  12. Old Physics, University of Melbourne: CSIRAC's first Victorian home

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