Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Implant Technologies for bionic eyes and ears

Dr John Parker will talk on “The Implant Systems Experiment” in Canberra, Wednesday 7th April 2010.
Big Picture Seminar Series
Increasing the chances for commercialisation of Research “The Implant Systems Experiment
Dr John Parker, CTO, Implant Systems NICTA
When: 12.15pm for 12.30pm start Wednesday 7th April
Where: NICTA Seminar Room, Ground Floor, 7 London Circuit, Civic
RSVP: crlevents@nicta.com.au by Tuesday 6th April

Dr Parker spearheads NICTA’s Implant Technologies Group. He has been an Executive Director and CTO of Cochlear Limited and is an experienced director of both listed and non listed companies and CRC’s.

The power of modern electronics and computer science has far exceeded our ability to deploy them in active medical devices. Complex systems for sensing and
controlling and affecting a therapeutic biological response are “easily” demonstrated on the bench but defy continual operation inside the body and as
a result even the most technically advanced implantable devices remain very simple.

The architecture of neuro-modulation systems hasn’t changed in 25 years despite the technical advances in allied disciplines. This stagnation is due to a lack of a number of platform technologies, tissue interfaces,
packaging and scalable system architectures.

It is the development of these technologies, which are the focus of the research effort at NICTA’s Implant Systems group.

From: The Implant Systems Experiment, Big Picture Seminar Series, NICTA, 2010

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