Tuesday, March 04, 2008

MythBuster Backs Linux

In MythBusters: 7 Tech Headaches—and How to Fix Them, (Popular Mechanics, February 2008), Jamie Hyneman from the TV show MythBusters suggests this solution to computer operaitng systems overloaded with stuff: "Switch to a Linux-based OS such as Ubuntu. Since most Linux OSs are free, there's no business reason to bloat up the system with feature frills. "

However, his solution to c
ordless tools with different kinds of battery packs, has been tried and was not a great success: "...design cordless tools with power packs in 6-volt modules ...". Black and Decker make their VersaPak range of power tools, to use one or two 3.6 volt battery sticks. These battery packs are simply made of three NiMH batteries joined together. It would not be difficult for manufacturers to agree on such a design as a standard, but they have not. Of course another option would be simply to use standard size replaceable cells.

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