Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Palace of the Grand Master at Rhodes

The former palace of the grand master in the old town of Rhodes is now a tourist attraction. This looks like the fairy tale view of a castle with battlements outside and huge stone fireplaces inside. The effect is not entirely authentic, having been remodeled by the Italian government early in the 20th Century as a holiday home for government leaders. There are some glitzy art deco touches which grate a little along with some of the Fascist style of decoration. But then that is a criticism which can be made of some of the buildings of the period in Washington and Canberra. ;-)

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Rodos Sound and Light Show

In the Municipal Gardens of Rodos, just outside the wall of the old city or Rhodes is a sound and light show about the history of the island. Unfortunately it wasn't operating when I was visiting, with the city council worried about the cost. These shows seem to be common in tourist areas and are an inexpensive form of entertainment and education for the tourists. The audio commentary is provided in several languages, with different times for different languages. The lighting effects are computer controlled and synchronized with the commentary and music.

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