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ACS Hands Tourism Home Page Back to Canberra Tourism

Canberra, 6 February 1997 - The Australian Computer Society today handed over administration of Canberra Tourism's World Wide Web Home Page to technical staff at the organisation's head office.

The Web site was established by the ACS in June 1995 at the request of the ACT Government. The new home page provides an expanded range of information about Canberra and the region to a world wide audience via the Internet.

Tom Worthington, Defence Department Web Master and ACS President, developed the home page for Canberra Tourism while serving as a member of the Society's Canberra Branch Executive. He continued to maintain it until this week.

Today Mr Worthington welcomed the changeover, saying it highlighted Australia's progress towards having one of the most Information Superhighway-aware communities and a pro-active partnership between government, industry and academia for development of the Internet.

However Mr Worthington cautioned that Canberra Tourism had an obligation to ensure it allocated sufficient resources to maintain a high quality presentation of up-to-date on-line information for use both by Australian residents and by the millions of people world-wide who will be visiting via the Internet.

"With the concentration of information technology talent in Australia, in government agencies, companies and our academic institutions, we have built a presence on the Internet which is admired and envied world wide. Canberra Tourism has a role to play in coordinating on-line promotion.

"The ACS will continue to provide advice and assistance to the community with this exciting technology," he said.

The new address for the Canberra Tourism home page is:

The ACS will continue to maintain its guide to ACT cultural events on the Internet at:

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