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President's Choice for IFIP96 - 14th World Computer Congress

Tom Worthington

From Tom Worthington, President of the Australian Computer Society

The 14th World Computer Congress (IFIP96) is to be held from 2-6 September 1996 and hosted by the Australian Computer Society. You will find me out and about at the Congress, probably with a digital camera, recording impressions of the event for our virtual visitors on the Internet and with a film crew preparing the multimedia show for the closing ceremony. Also I am giving the first demonstration of the new Defence Home Page MKIII, in my capacity as Defence Web Master at 10:30am Tuesday on exhibition stand 28.

IFIP96 is four and a half days long from morning to night. No one can attend everything. Many people have asked me what to see. It is all worth seeing, but here are my recommendations for the Congress:

First of all, if you can't afford the time or cost to come to the whole congress, here are some options:

President's Choice

Session titles note the relevant conference stream - AT = Advanced IT Tools MC = Mobile Communications TT = Teleteaching.

Monday, 2 September 1996

0800-1200 Registration
0900-1700 Business Practice Stream
1300-1400 Opening Ceremony
Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia
1400-1530 Keynote Speakers
Hajime Sasaki and Professor Luc Steels
1600-1700 Enabling Technologies (AT)
  • Wired cities
  • New public management and enabling technologies
All evening Internet Nasties: Myth or Mismanagement? (TT)
1800-2000 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, 3 September 1996

0900-0945 Keynote Speaker
Dr Wolfgang Wahlster
All morning Can the Virtual University Deliver Real Learning? (TT)
1100-1200 Virtual Education (AT)
  • The virtual class
  • Collaboratory: Networked virtual reality and distance education project
1400-1530 Collaboration Tools (AT)
  • An application framework to support information sharing in collaborative work
  • Collaborative intelligent decision systems
  • PMS: Privilege management system for secure distributed resource sharing
1600-1700 Internet Panel (TT)
  • Global perspectives on Internet infrastructure demands and promise

Wednesday, 4 September 1996

0945-1030 Public Sector Information Systems (AT)
  • Innovative enterprise information Systems
  • IT outsourcing by public sector organisations
1100-1200 Standardisation (AT)
  • Impact of standardisation work on the future of IT - T.
  • IT and broadband networks in Chile
1400-1530 Information Superhighway (AT)
  • Global business on the superhighway: Implications for the future office
  • Towards an intelligent software maintenance network
  • Intellectual property protection for IT developments
All evening Virtual landcare: Solving conflicts in whole catchment management across property boundaries (TT)

Thursday, 5 September 1996

0900-1030 Information Spaces (AT)
  • A multimedia database system VHM and its application
  • Large scale multi-user virtual worlds
  • The structured development method
1100-1200 Panel Session (AT)
Impact of multimedia based applications and information superhighway on developing countries
Afternoon Special Needs of Special People (TT)
1600-1700 Protocols for Authentication, Secure Communication and Payment (MC)
  • An authentication and security protocol for mobile computing
  • Design of secure end-to-end protocols for mobile systems
  • Yet another simple Internet electronic payment system
Evening Congress Dinner

Friday, 6 September 1996

All morning World Net Workshop; or
0900-0945 Keynote Speaker
Dr Dale Spender

0945-1030 New security algorithms and methods (MC)
  • A new algorithm for smart cards
  • A new approach to integrity of digital images
1100-1200 Secure Mobile Applications (MC)
  • Phone card application and authentication in wireless communications
  • Real-time mobile EFTPOS: Challenges and implications of a world first application
1215 - 1315 Closing Ceremony: Professor Geoffrey Blainey, Topic: Exploding Information and Shrinking Globe: a Forecast

PS: Don't forget the hot air balloon rides. ;-)

Tom Worthington MACS
President of the Australian Computer Society
28 August 1996

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