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14th World Computer Congress - Australian Computer Society

Tom Worthington

From Tom Worthington, President of the Australian Computer Society

First report - 1 September 1996 - 3pm

IBM Stand Left to right: Kiron Rakkar, Mark Draper, Stuart Alexander from IBM Canberra. This is the first photo from the IFIP96 exhibition. The exhibition starts officially on Tuesday and is free to the public. IBM were the first with a computer system up and running on their stand.

The 14th World Computer Congress (IFIP96) is to be held from 2-6 September 1996 and hosted by the Australian Computer Society. You will find me out and about at the Congress, probably with a digital camera, recording impressions of the event for our virtual visitors on the Internet and with a film crew preparing the multimedia show for the closing ceremony. Also I am giving the first demonstration of the new Defence Home Page MKIII, in my capacity as Defence Web Master at 10:30am Tuesday on exhibition stand 28.

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