ICT Energy Saving Measures for DCNS Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A Submarine

Tom Worthington

Research School of Computer Science, Australian National University

Guest lecture for Students of the Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW Canberra Campus, 27 April 2016
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Suffren Barracuda-class Submarine

"DCNS of France has been selected as our preferred international partner for the design of the 12 Future Submarines ..." From "Future Submarine Program", Prime Minister of Australia and Minister for Defence, 26 April 2016

Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A: 90 metres and 4,000 tons

Based on the French Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarine

Nuclear reactor K15 of the Barracuda produces 150 MW for up to ten years

RAN's conventional diesel/battery variant will have limited electrical power

Hotel Power for ICT

Typical submarine "hotel load" is 150kW (Buckingham, 2012)

Increasing proportion of this load is from computers

Barracuda-class has a crew of 60

Crew plus embarked special forces, will require computer equipment for the mission and for off-duty entertainment,

Equipment can use as much energy for cooling as operation.

Uses up diesel fuel and battery capacity, limiting range and endurance.

Calculate and Reduce Energy Use

  1. Assess energy consumption

  2. Consolidate operating equipment

  3. Innovate by:
    1. Right-sized client equipment

    2. Power management strategies

    3. Low-energy equipment

    4. Eco-Labels: equipment meeting low energy standards.

  4. Manage: schedule high energy activities out of peak periods.

From Client Equipment, The Natural Edge Project (2008)

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