Reva NXG Electric Car


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Reva NXG Electric Car

Reva NXG

India's Reva (RECC) electric car company, based in Bangalore, has announced two new models of their small battery powered city car: the Reva NXG and the Reva NXR. Both are small two door cars with more modern styling that Reva's previous models and meeting European NCAP saftey standards. The NXR is a four seat due to release in the second quarter of 2010, whereas the NXG is a sportier two seat with more advanced battery and electronics (but a less certain release some time in 2011). The NXR will be offered with lower cost lead acid batteries and higher performance (but higher cost) Lithium Iron as an option. The NXG will only be offered with Lithium Iron. The NXG production car differs in styling from the 2005 show model. The NXG show model was a two door open to car, the production model has a removable "Targa" top.

Reva also announced a partnership with General Motors India to develop electric vehicles for the Indian market.

Reva have a new web site for the new models. There are media releases about each models and photos. Here is a text version of the media release:

Details from Media Release

Reva NXG


2 door, 2 seater fully automatic EV with removable Targa top

Zero tailpipe emissions

Dual charging ports for regular and fast change

200 km / 125 miles range

Top speed: 130 kph / 8-0 mph

Li-ion phosphate battery pack designed for safe and reliable operation

Intelligent Information Display

Revive (Remote emergency charge over SMS

Keyless entry and operation

Regenerative breaking

Dual SRS airbags & impact sensing door unlock

Double DIN radio with 4 speakers and navigation system

Alloy wheels

AC \ heater

Rear camera as driving aid

Full leather upholstery

Length: 3250mm

Width: 1785 mm

Wheel base: 2032 mm

Ground clearance: 160 mm

REply - a suite of telematics solutions
  1. Text alerts for knowing cabin temperature and rage available
  2. Reminders
  3. Eco-check: A monthly report on your driving habits
  4. Pre-heat / pre-cool the car cabin

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