Reva NXR Electric Car


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Reva NXR Electric Car

Reva NXR

India's Reva (RECC) electric car company, based in Bangalore, has announced two new models of their small battery powered city car: the Reva NXG and the Reva NXR. Both are small two door cars with more modern styling that Reva's previous models and meeting European NCAP saftey standards. The NXR is a four seat due to release in the second quarter of 2010 (City, City Deluxe and Intercity models), whereas the NXG is a sportier two seat with more advanced battery and electronics (but a less certain release some time in 2011). The NXR will be offered with lower cost lead acid batteries and higher performance (but higher cost) Lithium Iron as an option. The NXG will only be offered with Lithium Iron. The NXG production car differs in styling from the 2005 show model. The NXG show model was a two door open to car, the production model has a removable "Targa" top.

Reva also announced a partnership with General Motors India to develop electric vehicles for the Indian market.

Reva have a new web site for the new models. There are media releases about each models and photos. Here is a text version of the media release:

Details from Media Release

Reva NXR

Everything you expect from a car and plenty you don't

Ideal for pollution free city commuting, the Reva NXR is a stylish four seat, three door hatchback, packs with user friendly technologies.

Smooth acceleration and Boost mode

Reaches a top speed of 104 mph smoothly with Boost mode for short bursts of extra power.

Solar roof charging

The NXR's optional solar roof panel provides trickle charge that tops up the battery

Dual charge ports

The NXR offers both Normal and Fast Charge Options 1. The fast charge option gives you 40 km (25 miles) in just 15 minutes.

Go the distance

With a range of 160km, the NXR is goo for 97% of all journeys 2 you'll ever make.

iEMS tm

Reva's advanced Intelligent Energy Management System provides enhanced efficient and reliability

Certified Safe

The NXR is a fully crash tested, highway safe car - M1 category, with a high strength space steel frame construction, driver and passenger airbags3 ISOFix child seat mount, seat belt pretensioners, a large front crumple zone, side impact beams, doors that unlock on impact, dent proof body panels and hood designed to maximise pedestrian safety on impact.

Have as many conversations with it, as about it

When the NXR's not listening, it's telling you something
Text alerts

Be notified on your cell phone of key information such as range available,cabin temperature and time to full charge, through a text message.

Pre-heat and Pre-cool

Send a text massage to pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin so that you can have the perfect cabin environment when you'r ready to drive.


A monthly report on your driving habits is emailed to you, with tips on how you can improve your efficiency.


Ask your Reva to tell you when your insurance and annual service is due.

Keyless entry and operation

The Reva senses your presence, unlocking and preparing the car for travel, even as you approach.

In a squeeze a phone call puts more juice in your batteries

Presenting REVIVE tm Remote Emergency Charge

Reva's unique solution to range anxiety

If you ever were to run low or out of charge, simply call or text our call centre and the advanced telematics feature will remotely activate a reserve, that'll let you continue on your way.

The first in line

The NXR is available for order right away. Reserve yours at Production commences 2010.

1 Available only on Lithium-ion variants. 2 Source Juila King, The King Review of low carbon cars, UK 2008. 3 Standard in all European models.


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