Recipe for Dried Tomatoes and Capsicum in Oil

by Tom Worthington

Jar of Dried Tomatoes and Capsicum in Oil

Thoroughly clean a 750 ml heat resistant jar. If you are using a glass preserving jar, remove the metal retaining bands and rubber seal to clean. Poor the vinegar cold into the clean jar and heat until boiling in a microwave oven.

Carefully remove the jar from the microwave with oven mitts and place it on a heat and water resistant surface. Drop the dried tomatoes and capsicum into the hot vinegar carefully (it is likely to boil again and spill over). As they soften in the vinegar, you can press more capsicum and tomatoes in to fill the jar.

While the vinegar is cooling (one or two minutes), chop the spring onion and crush the herbs. Remove the seeds from the chilli pepper, unless you like it very spicy.

Drain the vinegar from the mix (you can keep it to marinate meat). Add the spring onion and spices, then half fill with oil. Invert the jar to mix the spices and top with oil. Seal the container and refrigerate. The mix is ready to eat as soon as cool. They should keep for a week or more, but I don't know as they always are all eaten within a day or so!

Note: The capsicums add a sweeter taste than tomatoes (and they are cheaper). You can vary proportion to suit.

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