Friday, April 21, 2006

BBQ Wars: Storm in a lamb chop

As a change from hi-tech items, I was inspired to write short item about how to use a small gas stove for cooking on the balcony of my apartment.

To let people know, I posted a note to the Usenet group "". This provoked eighteen replies. Some people thought I was spamming the group in an attempt to sell some brand of BBQ. Others argued my gas stove wasn't a BBQ and was outside the charter of the group.

What I didn't realize was how seriously some people take cooking. The conclusion, eighteen postings later, seemed to be that "grilling" was within the charter of the BBQ group, but I must not call a grill a BBQ.

I must admit provoking some of this by saying in Australia a "barbie" is outdoor cooking and that Paul Hogan should have put an extra "prawn" on the barbie, not a shrimp. At least they didn't think I was selling marinate, when I mentioned my recipe for that. ;-)


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