Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Canberra IT Pioneer Looks at Payments Again

Gpay screen image from Google PatentBrand Hoff gave a talk to the ACS Canberra Branch last night about his career as an IT entrepreneur "From "Micro-Business to Multi-National - The story of TOWER Software and TRIM". Most of this was about Tower Software and the development of the Trim Records Management System. The talks was sprinkled with anecdotes about the difficulties of making long term decisions in the rapidly developing software industry and tips on how to do business in IT.

Towards the end he talked about the work of NICTA which he is on the board of. He mentioned NICTA have licensed their "OKAY" embedded operating system for use in smart phones.

Also Brand put up an advertisement for a programmer to work on a micro payments system. This appears to be for a system with some of the features of the Snap payments system he was involved with some years ago. It could be a good time to do this with industry speculation about a Google patent for a payments system and smart phones creating interest in the area. From a quick look the Google idea does not look that different to Snap.

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