Friday, September 07, 2007

Thai Prime Minister at APEC in Sydney visiting Buddhist temple in Annadale

Thai PM Sydney at APECThinking I was safe from the chaos of the APEC meeting in Sydney, I was barbecuing some kangaroo on the balcony in Sydney when a dozen motorcycle police came past and blocked the street outside. The Thai prime minister the arrived to visit the the Buddhist temple opposite in Annandale.

The scene involved security people in ill fitting suits and wrap around sunglasses talking into the cuffs of their coats, and even someone going past on a Segway.

Later on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Kingdom of Thailand provided an official photo on their web site:
Prime Minister of Thailand visits Wat Buddharangsee in Annandale

After the meeting, the Prime Minister along with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Commerce visited Wat Buddharangsee at Annandale in order to perform religious practices and met with more than 300 Thai people who are living in the vicinity areas. In this occasion, the Prime Minister talked to those who came to welcome him about current political and economic situations in Thailand. ...

From: Prime Minister of Thailand arrives in Sydney for APEC Summit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Kingdom of Thailand, September 8, 2007

ps: BBQ Kangaroo: Take one de-boned leg of kangaroo, place on a very hot BBQ plate with sunflour oil. Sear both sides. Add garlic, pepper and two cups of red wine. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for ten minutes.

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