Monday, January 28, 2008

LINEARlight Flex LED Lighting

Roll of OSRAM LINEARlight Flex LED LightingOSRAM are offering flexible LEDs for commercial and home lighting, under the name "LINEARlight Flex". This consists of rolls of adhesive backed tape with LED lights every few cm. They have styles with the lights on the face of the tape or at the side and in colors as well as white. The have "CONNECTsystems" connectors and other accessories to power the lights and technical data available.

At present these systems seem to be design for accent lighting, not for general use. But as the cost of the LEDs goes down, and the price of electricity goes up, these could be sued for applications, such as offices and classrooms.

  1. LINEARlight Flex TopLED LM10A
  2. LINEARlight Flex SideLED LM11A
  3. CONNECTsystem for LINEARlight Flex LM2x-Flex
  4. Brochure: General lighting
  5. Brochure: Professional lighting
  6. OPTOTRONIC: Technical guide
  7. Application notes Corona-Effect



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