Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wraparound desks for military radar or learning center

Still from RAAF recruiting video possibly showing the ADGE at 3 Command and Reporting Unit, RAAF Base WilliamstownBrowsing through Asia Pacific Defence Reporter (AIR 5333 February 2008) I came across a photograph of a radar operator sitting at a hexagonal modular desk operating the ADGE at 3 Command and Reporting Unit, RAAF Base Williamstown. What interested me was not so much the hi-tech radar, but the shape of the desk. I couldn't find any more details online, but then Defence Force Recruiting released a RAAF recruitment video featuring an Air Combat Officer apparently filmed in the same room.

wraparound desksBut I did find a more curved "wraparound" design in "Branded Office Environments: Part 3". Unfortunately there were no details as to what the product illustrated was. If anyone knows, please let me know, as I wanted to see if these would suit a flexible learning center.

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