Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green ICT education references

Google Books looks like it will be very useful for finding references. As an example I was helping prepare an application for a grant to work on green ICT education. To make this look plausible, I needed a page or so of references. So I typed "green ICT education" into Google Books. This produced a list of 717 books, including at number seven, my own "Green Technology Strategies". From this and similar searches I quickly found some useful reference. Unlike a conventional search through a physical library, you don't have to go and get the book off the shelf: the search takes you straight to the relevant page of the book:
Title Green Technology Strategies
Author Tom Worthington
Publisher Tomw Communications Pty Ltd, 2009
ISBN 0980620139, 9780980620139

Outline of approach to an accredited internationally aligned green ICT course.

Title Future Trends and Challenges for ICT Standardization
Author Ramjee Prasad
Publisher River Publishers, 2010
ISBN 8792329381, 9788792329387

See page 234 on education and generic approaches to ICT.

Title Sustainable schools: are we building schools for the future?, 2006-07.
Author Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Education and Skills Committee
Publisher The Stationery Office, 2007
ISBN 0215035968, 9780215035967

Page 66 discusses delivering sustainable learning environments.

Title Sustainable development and innovation in the energy sector
Author Ulrich Steger
Editor Ulrich Steger
Edition illustrated
Publisher Springer, 2005
ISBN 354023103X, 9783540231035

Discusses the role of education in the energy sector in development.

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