Thursday, October 15, 2009

Concurrent and Distributed Computing at Google

Daniel Nadasi, Google Software Engineer and ANU graduate, will give an open lecture in Canberra this Friday on "Concurrent and Distributed Computing at Google". This is for students of Concurrent and Distributed Systems (COMP2310/6310), but anyone is welcome to attend.


Concurrent and Distributed Computing at Google

Daniel Nadasi (Google)

DATE: 2009-10-16
TIME: 14:00:00 - 15:00:00
LOCATION: Chemistry Lecture Theatre T1

Have you ever wondered how Google's massive computing infrastructure works? How Google manages to keep petabytes of data and thousands of machines stable, consistent, responsive, scalable and fault-tolerant? In this talk, you will be presented with a bottom-up tour of Google. Starting from the building blocks of concurrent and distributed computing, you will see how Google's systems are constructed, through the internal systems that are used, to some of the newest products, such as Google App Engine.

Daniel Nadasi joined Google as a Software Engineer in November 2007. He currently works on advertising for Google Maps. Aside from this, he has also worked on Google Tasks and open source initiatives. Daniel graduated from ANU in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Mathematics."

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sydney Google Technology User Group Meeting on Tuesday

The Sydney Google Technology User Group (Sydney-GTUG) is having only its second meeting October 6th on "Android, Geo, Docs & Sites APIs". Details of who is speaking is limited, but it it is worth attending, just being able to see the Google bulding (I gave a talk there a few months ago).

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Google Maps Real Estate

I tried out Google Maps Real Estate on Canberra, but this showed too many houses for sale and rent. So I narrowed it down the the suburb, there were still to many, so I tired my street. At this point I discovered the home next door was for sale. This is the first I heard of it. It is a little worrying when you have to look in a global database to find out what is happening a few metres away.

The service lists property and apartments for sale and rent through agencies. There is a page with details for Real Estate Agents to upload my listings to Google. There are two options: Data Feeds or the Google Base API. Data feeds require the supplier to export a file and upload this to Google. The Google Base API provides a more direct, but more technically complex option. There does not appear to be an option for individuals who are just selling one house privately and want to list that. No doubt someone will come up with an ad don service for private sales.

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