Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ScreenACT Project Pod

ScreenACT Project Pod has 24 places available for the first phase in helping Canberra based digital content developers, with entries closing 10.00am 29th March 2010. The project is designed along similar lines to the InnovationACT annual event run by the ANU. There is a nine page "Project Pod: Application Form and Guidelines" avialable, as well as Key Dates and FAQs about the project.

ScreenAct Vision

ScreenACT offers support with the general aim of helping to develop the local screen industry, thereby enhancing the ACT production industry’s capabilities and employment opportunities.

Project Pod Aim

Project Pod is a professional and project development opportunity that aims to build capability in screen project development, increase networks, and support a group of targeted projects through to a market-­‐ready stage.

The program has four main phases, which start with broad learning goals, then narrow down, focussing on key teams to help them refine their projects to the point that they are ready to take to market. As part of this, several top projects will receive extra funding.

Guiding Principles Screen

ACT supports:

  • the film, video production, TV and digital media industries.
  • projects that are intended to result in commercial or business focused outcomes.
  • applicants who have started their careers and can demonstrate professional experience.

ScreenACT will give preference to:

  • participants who show a commitment to the six-­‐month process.
  • projects intended for production and post production in the ACT and Capital Region.
  • applications that are professional in their presentation, thought and execution.


About ScreenAct Project Pod

The ScreenACT Project Pod is a six-­‐month program that is open to all professional screen practitioners (individuals and teams) in the ACT/Capital Region. It consists of four phases:

  • Phase One – Two workshops
  • Phase Two – One-­‐on-­‐one project development
  • Phase Three – Industry Feedback and future project plans
  • Phase Four – ScreenACT Grants allocated to as many as four selected projects Selection for the Project Pod is competitive.

Phase One will include up to 24 participants. Phases Two through Four will have up to ten participants.

Project Pod will be led by a number of different providers, and tailored to the needs of the individual participants based on their project’s format and genre.

  • Phase One will be delivered by Stephen Cleary, who is an international script consultant and developer, and by ScreenACT
  • Phases Two and Three to be delivered by local developers with oversight and input from Stephen Cleary and
  • Phase Four delivered by ScreenACT.

All participants for all phases to be selected by an industry panel, with ScreenACT acting as secretariat, and with the sign-­‐off of the CEO of Canberra Business Council on final participants and funding.

Phase One costs participants $600 for the two workshops. The first workshop is over four days, and the second over two. Phases Two through Four have no participation cost.

The program covers narrative and story, introduction to development practice, pitching and presentation skills, introduction to producing, networking with industry professionals and Screen Australia representatives, and one-­‐on-­‐one professional development assistance on a project basis.

Project Pod projects can come from film, television or digital media industries. ScreenACT will consider projects that include but are not limited to:

  • Feature films, television drama series, mini-­‐series, telemovies, broadcast length documentary, television documentary series, reality TV series and digital media projects.
  • ScreenACT will NOT consider the development or production of TV commercials, corporate videos, or training videos

PLEASE NOTE: As this is the pilot ScreenACT Project Pod, ScreenACT reserves the rights to make changes to the project as deemed necessary. ...

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be residents of the ACT or Capital Region (as shown on the map on ScreenACT’s website:

Applicants must have started their careers and be able to demonstrate some degree of professional experience.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia, and be 18 years old or older.

Applicants can be individuals or up to a team of two. The team leader must attend all sessions. The second team member is expected to attend all sessions, however there is some flexibility on this issue.

Applicants must be the producer, director, and/or writer of the project. Applicants must also be the copyright holder, or have an option to the rights in any and all works on which the project is based. The charge for phase one is per person regardless of individual or team status....

Key Dates

Applications openFriday, 19th March, 2010
Applications closeMonday 29th March, 2010 – 10.00am
Phase One successful applications announcedThursday 1st April, 2010
Phase One: First Project Pod Workshop (4 days)Friday 23rd – Monday 26th April, 2010
Phase One: Second Project Pod Workshop (2 days)Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd May, 2010
Revised treatment dueFriday 14th May, 2010 – 5.00pm
Phase Two successful applications announcedFriday, 28th May, 2010
Phase Three Workshop (1 day)Saturday, 19th June, 2010
Delivery of agreed project deliverablesFriday 1st October, 2010 – 5.00pm
Phase Four Workshop (3 days)Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th October, 2010


Assessment Criteria

In assessing applications, the ScreenACT Assessment Committee will mark applications against the following criteria:

  • Qualification under the general guidelines and guiding principles
  • Originality and strength of concept
  • Commercial viability of the project
  • The strength of the creative team
  • Commitment to the entire process
  • Likelihood of the project proceeding into production


From: Project Pod: Application Form and Guidelines, ScreenACT, 19 March 2010

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Specifying an Audio-visual System for a Court

The NZ Ministry of Justice has issued a Request for Proposal for " Provision of Audio and Audio-visual Systems for Stage 1 of the Auckland District Court Redevelopment Project". The tender documents provide an excellent detailed specification of the requirements for digital audio and video systems for a court and similar functions, such as a parliament.
General Information

(“the Ministry”) requires provision of equipment, ongoing support and maintenance of Audio and Audio-visual Systems for Stage 1 of the Auckland District Court Redevelopment Project (“the Deliverables”). The Ministry seeks proposals from persons with the capability and expertise to provide the required Deliverables.

Respondents may submit proposals for the following components of the tender package:

- Audio only
- Audio-visual only
- Audio and Audio-visual...

Additional Documentation to Download
5.3.2EACourtroomVCRequirementsStandardV1.2.pdf Courtroom VC Requirements Standard V1.2PDF2.09mb
AgreementforAKLDDCRFPaudioandAVequipment-29.9.08.pdf Agreement for AKLDDCRFP audio and AV equipmentPDF123.29kb
courtroomsoundsystemrequirementsstandard3v1G(.pdf courtroom sound system requirements standard 3v1GPDF912.8kb
MoJCablingStandardv1.2.pdf MoJ Cabling Standard v1.2PDF50.23kb
RFPADCAudioandAV v0.2.doc RFPADC Audio and AV v0.2WORD259kb
Technical Specification - Akld DC RFP final.pdf Technical SpecificationPDF193.01kb

Relates to the following TenderWatch Categories
752 Telecommunications services
754 Telecommunications related services
473 Radio broadcast and television receivers; apparatus for sound and video recording and reproducing; microphones loudspeakers, amplifiers
472 Television and radio transmitters and apparatus for line telephony or telegraphy; parts and accessories thereof
516 Installation work
515 Special construction & trade related work

From: Provision of Audio and Audio-visual Systems for Stage 1 of the Auckland District Court Redevelopment Project, Request for Proposal, NZ Ministry of Justice, 2008

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Australian Military Computers

Opentec ruggedised PDAAustralian company OpenTec makes ruggedised portable computers for military and related applications. These units can run ordinary PC applications, as well as specialized military software. So we could see podcasting on the battlefield:
Since 1992, Opentec has been Australia's ONLY local designer and assembler of "ruggedised" mobile computer solutions. Acquired by PNE Industries in September of 2005, additional synergies have been created that make Opentec unique in the world of rugged computing and field-deployable applications.

Because we design and assemble locally, we offer levels of service, as well as levels of customisation, you won't find through resellers of imported product. And because rugged computers are our core business, you'll always experience the levels of technical support you'd expect from a supplier of such specialised equipment.

Our mobile computers and peripherals have been developed expressly for Australian conditions and over the past decade, have evolved to become the most durable field-deployable range on the Australian market. It's that track record that todays sees them used extensively in Defence (Army and Navy), Emergency Services (Police and Ambulance) and Field Service/Support environments around the country, as well as abroad.

And if you want a track record to give you confidence, then you only need consider that Opentec product has been standardised on by DoD Army for major projects, such as Gunnery Control, and Battlefield Command applications; as well as DoD Navy for hydrographic survey applications. When you explore the engineering features of our product, and consider the special applications we've engineered solutions for, you start to understand how it is we've become the largest local supplier of true rugged notebooks, tablets and PDAs.

But we're more than just a supplier of hardware. Our focus is the delivery of solutions for applications as diverse as Asset Management, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Security and Access Control, Field Operations Management and Mobile Field Personnel Communications. And by partnering with innovative Australian businesses to develop new solutions that meet the needs of Australian and international customers, we continue to lead the way.

From "About Us - Opentec"

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