Thursday, April 12, 2007

Folding Bicycle in Echohouse

The first episode of SBS's Eco House Challenge TV show went reasonably well. The idea is that two families try to get along with limited water, energy, rubbish removal and no private cars.

In the first episode we are introduced to the two families and watch their worry as the water and electricity are disconnected from their homes. The families are given a kit of portable alternative energy and water gadgets to help them get along. In later episodes the houses will be provided with low energy and water saving devices to make them more livable.

One of the gadgets provided was a small folding bicycle. I am a folding bicycle enthusiast. These can be used on their own for short trips, or combined with a car or public transport. You can put the bicycle in the boot of a small car, or take it on a bus, train or aircraft. This makes it much easier to minimize car use.

The EchoHouse challenge is useful is showing how dependent we are on energy and supplied water. But those who watch the first episode my get the idea that energy saving results in a drastic drop in the comfort of life. In fact with the right investment a home can be very livable while using minim of energy and water. Hopefully that message will come through in later episodes.

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