Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emergency management on a smart phone

Ajay Kumar, a Sahana Summer of Code 2008 Student, is working on a project to get Sahana on a smart phone. Sahana is an open source emergency management system. He is going to try to get it working on an Open Moko open source phone (no Google Android ones will be available in time to try). I am sure he would welcome advice and assistance from the open source community. More on these issues in the Humanitarian ICT Mailing list.
I am also in a process of acquiring the phones for the development
purpose and have contacted FOSS supportive companies in India. Any
support in that area is also appreciable.

But since the project is something new, I will be basing my
development so has to have something that "just works" and then
iterating it over time.

My primary reasons of choosing the Openmoko phone is:
1. FOSS - matches with the Sahana ideology.
2. Larger & active developer community - it has its own benefit in
terms of contributions to maintain the project in future.

For your reference, my academic project duration is:
1. Mid term - End of Research & Analysis Phase: October 27 2008.
2. Final deadline & Presentation: Mid April 2009.

My proposal @ college has been approved last week and I am working
ahead on this project.

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